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Can Solar Power Cool My Home in the Summer?

What is solar power green energy and how can it be used to cool my home?

Solar Panels on Roof

Solar powered systems use the sun’s energy as a green energy source of electricity. Light energy is converted to electrical energy through a solar panel. This electrical energy is then stored in batteries or delivered directly to the utility grid through an inverter.

Solar Air Conditioners

It sounds counter-intuitive, doesn’t it? How can the sun cool my house?

It sounds more complex than it is. Solar air conditioners are simply PV solar modules that generate power to run the air conditioning. This makes a lot of sense since the hot, sunny days are often when we use air conditioning the most. Air conditioning systems are generally used 4-5 months a year, and HVAC cooling costs tend to represent a significant portion of the total annual energy cost in the home.

A solar air conditioner reduces the amount of electricity needed from your utility provider. This energy-saving system harnesses solar energy and uses it first before using electricity from the utility company in order to power your air conditioner or heat pump. The solar power that’s collected can also operate other appliances and electronics when the heating and cooling system is not in use. Conventional air conditioners running at the hottest points of the day contribute to power grid demands that drive electricity costs up and release lots of carbon into the atmosphere. Solar air conditioning units offer environmental benefits including lower grid demand and load shifting during peak usage, reduced electricity costs, fewer power outages, off-the-grid capabilities and reduced greenhouse gas emissions.

For more information on green energy and solar power, contact one of our experienced HVAC professionals at Morelli Heating and Air Conditioning today. We are here to help you take advantage of all that green energy has to offer.


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