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What Is the Best Temperature to Set the AC During South Carolina Summers?

geothermal-system Try these tips to maximize heating and air conditioning system performance as summer winds down.

Reliable heating and air conditioning are mandatory for most families. This is especially true here in South Carolina. Our hot and humid summers put air conditioners to the test—even September and October can be downright steamy! On the other hand, cold winter nights mean that a good furnace is also a must. As we ease through the end of our summer season, folks get tired of paying high energy bills. Perhaps you are asking the same question as many of our clients: what is the best temperature for your air conditioner during South Carolina summers?

Factors to Consider When Setting Air Conditioning Temperature

The most obvious thing to consider when choosing an AC temperature is your comfort. Does your family run warm or cold? If you have a mix of hot and cold people within the household, try to find a happy medium that pleases everyone.

Another factor to consider is your family’s schedule. Is everybody gone in the middle of the day? If so, set the temperature a few degrees higher while nobody is home. The AC will run less and save you a little money. A smart thermostat automates temperature adjustments. And if there’s a change to the family schedule, you can adjust the temperature from your smartphone.

Last, give a little attention to your air conditioner. Does it run all day long at your desired temperature? How old is the unit? When was the last time you had your HVAC system serviced? Consider what temperature your air conditioner is capable of maintaining. If that temperature doesn’t work for your family, it’s time to call an HVAC professional.

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If your air conditioner needs a professional’s attention, our team at Morelli Heating and Air Conditioning can help. Charleston homeowners have trusted us to service their HVAC equipment for over 30 years. Contact our team of professionals for more information on getting the most out of your heating and air conditioning system.


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