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3 Best Practices When Switching Your Business's Thermostat from Cooling To Heating

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Summer went by in a flash, and now, it's time to get your business premises ready for winter and take advantage of your HVAC provider's commercial services. A small amount of preparation before you switch over will ensure the safest and most efficient transition possible.

Keep the following best practices in mind as you prepare to make the switch from cooling to heating:

1. Schedule a Furnace Inspection

Don't mess around with your thermostat until you know your furnace is in excellent shape. Schedule a visit from an HVAC technician during the fall months — well before winter weather strikes.

2. Give the System Plenty of Time

Once you've received the okay from your technician, feel free to make the switch. You can ask your technician for assistance or do it on your own. Either way, allow plenty of time for your unit to complete its current cycle. Don't set the temperature to a drastic high to start; gradually increase to keep your HVAC system from overworking.

3. Avoid Constant Switching Between Heating and Cooling

As you enter that in-between period of fall weather, you may feel tempted to switch from cool to warm regularly depending on a certain day's weather. This temptation is understandable; you want your employees and customers to be as comfortable as possible. Unfortunately, regular changes can overwork your HVAC system, potentially causing a fuse to blow. If you anticipate an HVAC update, your business may benefit from a system with built-in time delays designed to prevent overload.

A little care can prevent a blown fuse as you transition from fall to winter. The commercial services experts at Morelli Heating & Air Conditioning can keep your HVAC system in stellar shape all year long. Contact us at your earliest convenience to schedule an appointment.


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