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3 Best Ways to Keep Your AC from Freezing This Summer


How can you keep your heating and air conditioning running strong?

A frozen AC unit won’t deliver heating and air conditioning services on demand. You have to shut the system down and let it thaw before using it again. In some instances, a technician has to make repairs before the AC is back up and running. During a hot, humid summer, the wait can be torture. Avoid freezing your unit up by following these three tips:

1. Change your filter.

Air conditioners freeze up for one of two basic reasons: lack of airflow and lack of refrigerant. A dirty air filter is the most common reason for lack of airflow. A new filter costs only a few dollars. Once you know how you can change one in a few minutes. It's as simple as removing one filter and sliding a new one into place.

2. Improve in-home circulation.

Sometimes, a lack of airflow is the result of closing off vents or closing doors to seldom-used rooms. Homeowners do this thinking they'll make their systems more efficient or save money by selectively cooling their homes. Unfortunately, this robs your AC of the pressure needed to function properly. Instead of cold air blowing into the home, your unit retains slowly moving cold air and freezes over.

3. Give your AC the once-over.

Schedule a maintenance visit before the start of the cooling season to ensure your system is ready for the job. A technician will provide your unit with a thorough cleaning, lube up essential parts and take note of potential issues. For instance, during a maintenance check, a tech might uncover a refrigerant leak. These kinds of leaks can be dangerous, but mostly they aggravate homeowners by robbing them of cool air. If your system and unit have inappropriate airflow, checking the refrigerant levels should be at the top of your list.

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