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3 Effects of Your HVAC Short Cycling


How does short cycling impact your AC unit’s energy efficiency?

Energy efficency becomes more important to the HVAC industry with each year. There's increasing pressure to lower the amount of fuel or electricity needed to adequately heat and cool a home.

Short cycling occurs when your AC unit operates for just a short time before it shuts down. It does this repeatedly, never quite cooling your home. There are several reasons an air conditioner short cycles, including:

  • Electrical malfunctions
  • Clogged Filters,or
  • A unit that is the wrong size for the home

Given all the potential causes, it's a fairly common problem.

Here are three ways short cycling impacts your home:

1. Excessive Wear and Tear on HVAC Equipment

A modern air conditioner should last ten years or more, but short cycling's frequent starts and stops put stress on a system. Pieces come loose or start grinding against one another. Components wear out early and need replacing. Unless the cause gets corrected, you should plan to replace the AC sooner than later.

2. Uncomfortable Conditions

Homeowners notice short cycling first because the house doesn’t get cool. The unit runs for a short while and then shuts down early. The home will remain too warm for comfort’s sake until your technician finds a solution or replaces your faulty air conditioner.

3. Bloated Energy Bills

Repeatedly using short bursts of energy throughout the day drives your energy bills sky high. It’s best to keep your unit turned off or set to fan-only mode until a technician can get to the bottom of your air conditioning woes.

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