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4 Signs Your Heat Exchanger isn't Working Properly


Your furnace’s heat exchanger is a series of tubes or coils looped recurrently to direct air flow. It is the part of a furnace that heats air. The shape the coils take depends on the type of furnace you have, and the type of fuel it uses for combustion. It’s a good idea to have your furnace inspected each year to make sure that is well tuned and working properly. Here are four tips you can use to check your heat exchanger for possible wear and tear.

Soot Buildup

Soot buildup is caused by combustion problems that may be a caused by a cracked exchanger. Look for accumulated black soot in the heat exchanger and close to the cracks.

High Carbon Monoxide Levels

Every inhabited building should have CO detectors on each floor. When a CO detector alarm sounds off, turn the furnace off, open all windows, and evacuate the building. Call your local gas company right away to safely find the source of the gas. CO leaks frequently originate from combustion furnaces since CO is a byproduct of liquid fuel.

Cracked or Rusted Metal

If your boiler or furnace is unprotected from moisture, the metallic components can develop rust which eventually leads to cracks. A professional inspector should perform an inspection to expose rust issues. The inspector can detect signs of cracking and rust in your heat exchanger. If the technician discovers a crack, he should go over your options with you. You may choose to replace the heat exchanger, or the entire furnace- depending on which is less expensive.

Abnormal Flame

As a furnace ages, the heat exchanger will become prone to developing leaks. For this reason, the flame should be inspected regularly. Check to see that it burns steady and blue. If the flame has an irregular shape, or jumps, spurts, or is an irregular color, you may have a problem.

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