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3 Ways Smart Thermostats Will Save You Money


Are your heating and air conditioning costing you an arm and a leg?

Heating and air conditioning are essential, especially in the south where the winters can get unexpectedly chilly, and the summers are hot, hot, hot. That doesn’t mean it has to cost you a small fortune to keep your house comfortable. Take a look at three ways a smart thermostat can help you save money without giving up your heat and AC.

Simple Programming Equals Simple Savings

Saving money with programming is simple. The user-friendly interface on today’s smart thermostats makes them easy to program, so you only use heating and cooling when you need it most. Instead of keeping your home at the optimum temperature 24/7, use the programming functions to save money by using less when you don’t need it. You can set it for your daily schedule, for vacations and when you’re out of town, and use less energy when you are at home.

Monitor Your Energy Use

Many of the latest smart thermostats allow you to monitor your energy use in real-time. This gives you insight into how much you might be using during the month. The benefit of energy monitoring is that you can adjust the temperature and programming to meet your efficiency goals and lower your utility bills.

Adjust as Needed

Staying late at work? Coming home a day early from vacation? A sudden change in the forecast? These unforeseeable events don’t have to mean you’re stuck with the same temperature in your home. A smart thermostat lets you make changes from anywhere, anytime, via a WiFi connection. Plans change, and so can your thermostat.

Don’t spend all of your money keeping your house comfy. Talk to the team at Morelli Heating and Air Conditioning to get the right smart thermostat to save you money.


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