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Hot Air About Some Cool Stuff. Learn how maintenance agreements can help you maintain healthy indoor air quality throughout the year.

3 Unusual AC Noises and What They Mean


Can maintenance agreements really keep your AC working at peak performance? Here are some strange noises your HVAC tech will understand right away.

Maintenance agreements are a popular and affordable way to ensure your AC is ready for summer’s strain. Keeping things cool is a tough job. Giving things a once-over before the season begins helps you detect potential problems. For instance, your technician could stumble onto one of these three following noises:

1. Whining

Does your unit whine every time it's started up for the season? If so, it might need a few bolts tightened and greased. The problem arises when your AC starts to whine out of nowhere. It's the sound of a motor failing. Be prepared. Your HVAC technician might recommend the replacement of major parts.

2. Grinding

Metal-on-metal noises are a bad sign, but it might not be as dire as you think. Components get loose, blades get bent and components work themselves out of place, where they begin to collide with other pieces. While ignoring this kind of noise is sure to lead to major damage, repairs aren't likely to be too pricey.

3. Banging

Banging in your ductwork can be the sign of pressure issues. Make sure nothing is obstructing your return vents. Check ducts for gaps and loose pieces.

A different kind of banging might come from the burner right before your unit turns on. This is the sign of a serious problem. Natural gas building up near the burner and popping on can lead to explosions if the problem goes unsolved. Turn off your system and call a repair worker to inspect your AC unit. Don’t run it again until you know you’ll be safe.

Save money while keeping your HVAC system in good working order by enrolling in one of our professional maintenance agreements today.


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