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Hot Air About Some Cool Stuff. Learn how maintenance agreements can help you maintain healthy indoor air quality throughout the year.

3 Tips to Eliminate Bugs from Your Air Conditioner


How do maintenance agreements for your heating and cooling equipment protect your whole home, including pesky insects in the A/C? Get the scoop now.

Have you checked out HVAC maintenance agreements near Charleston? From tightening loose fan blades to keeping bugs out of your internal components, Morelli’s Peak Performance Maintenance Plan keeps your air conditioner and heater in tip-top shape.

Here are three ways HVAC maintenance visits can protect your home from infestations:

1. Assess System Integrity

Certain parts of your air conditioner, like the condenser, attract ants and other pests. They quickly crowd different parts and lead to a disruption in service. Your HVAC technician will check to make sure your unit is free of infestation. You can put reinforcements in place to minimize your risk. For instance, a condenser cover is a simple, affordable way to make sure ants stay out of your system.

2. Check for Breaks in Ductwork

Ants, roaches and other bugs make their way into your ductwork, where they clog your HVAC filter and spread disease throughout your home. Without proper airflow and air pressure, your air conditioner won't work at all. A tech can check your vents and filter for signs of bugs, and make corrections if they are ever a problem.

3. Install Vent Covers

Vents and flues are more common ways bugs get inside an HVAC unit. If you’ve been dealing with pest problems, something as simple as covering the open, exposed end of the vent with a mesh cover will help keep bugs out.

Learn more about the ways the right professional maintenance agreements keep your HVAC system bug free with help from Morelli Heating & Air Conditioning. Call to enroll today!


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