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3 Simple HVAC Rules for Winter Weather

Winter Heating

Winter is almost here, and with it, the need for a functional heating and air conditioning system and a toasty warm house. Keep an eye on the following HVAC basics as you prepare for cold weather:

1. Don't Forget Regular Maintenance

HVAC systems run almost non-stop during the winter months, making maintenance especially important. Replace furnace filters regularly, as these can easily clog when the furnace sees heavy use. Clogged air filters will destroy your furnace's efficiency and make it all but impossible to reach the temperature on your thermostat.

In addition to replacing your filters, schedule a technician visit before winter arrives. Your HVAC technician can address problem areas before severe winter weather prompts an emergency situation.

2. Protect the Furnace Exhaust and Intake Pipes

Intake pipes and exhaust can quickly become vulnerable to snow accumulation, melting, and refreezing. As winter comes to a close, melting can cause significant water damage. Check for accumulation whenever there is heavy snow or the potential for quick melting.

3. Watch Out for Heat Pump Ice

Some ice on your heat pump is perfectly normal. Many homeowners witness light frost covering the heat pump's entire coil. Less normal, however, is an entire unit encased in ice. This prevents proper airflow and could cause significant damage to the unit. If you notice unusual ice buildup, call your maintenance expert right away.

A little precaution can make all the difference when winter arrives. Let Morelli Heating & Air Conditioning help prepare you for the winter season. Contact us online now to schedule an appointment to prep your heating and air conditioning for the colder months.


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