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3 Rules for Running Your AC in 100°F Weather Without Breaking the Bank


How do high temps impact energy efficiency?

Today’s homeowners prioritize energy efficiency. The goal is providing top-notch comfort while using as little energy as possible. Unfortunately, when temps soar, those benefits can fly right out the window. While battling 100°F temperatures is tough, you can help keep costs low with these three tips:

1. Hose it down.

Your outdoor AC unit will do a better job if you keep it cool. Douse it with water a few times a day to help it with rising temperatures. This does double duty. It aids in evaporation, but it also clears away debris. Make sure you trim back weeds and hedges around your unit as well to improve airflow. And as always, make sure your system has a clean air filter.

2. Keep it cooler at night.

Instead of cranking the AC during the day when the system will have to work hardest, turn up the cold air at night. Your home will retain the lower temperatures and stay cooler with less effort. Just don't turn it down too much. There should be a maximum of four degrees of difference between your night and day temperatures to avoid putting extra stress on your air conditioner.

3. Minimize sources of additional heat.

Consider the ways your home heats up during the day: keeping the drapes open, running the stove, leaving the doors open as you come in and out. Even simple things like allowing electronics to run all day will increase the temperature inside your home, forcing your AC to work even harder. Do what you can to keep extra heat out of your home.

Temps on the rise? Talk with us at Morelli Heating & Air Conditioning about staying cool while maintaining energy efficiency in your home.


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