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Hot Air About Some Cool Stuff. Learn how maintenance agreements can help you maintain healthy indoor air quality throughout the year.

3 Reasons HVAC Maintenance Isn’t a DIY Project


Have you been holding out when it comes to investing in a maintenance agreement for your heating and air conditioning system? Even if you’re handy with things around the house, HVAC maintenance is not something you should do yourself. Here are three reasons it isn’t a DIY project:

Reason #1: Professionals Have Knowledge and Training

Changing your air filter every 30-90 days is one thing every homeowner can and should do. Beyond the simple filter change, leave the other service issues to the pros. There’s a reason they go through training, apprenticeships, and certification. Heating and cooling systems are complex machines and require specific knowledge to take care of them properly. Making adjustments or repairs yourself could lead to missed issues and bigger problems. This just means more time offline and greater frustration for you.

Reason #2: Safety Concerns

There are safety issues when it comes to maintenance on both air conditioning and furnace systems. With air conditioning, you’re dealing with refrigerant which can be extremely harmful if handled improperly or inhaled. And the exhaust from furnace systems is even more dangerous. Improper repairs might result in a carbon monoxide leak, which can be deadly.

Reason #3: Long-Term Cost

If you try to DIY an HVAC issue and you do it wrong, not only are you out the cost of the parts you weren’t able to use, but you’re out the time you spent trying to do the fix. Now you still have a broken system, and you have to pay for a certified technician to come in and fix the problem, and potentially also fix what you may have broken in the process.

DIY is a noble pursuit, but not when it comes to your HVAC system. Get a maintenance agreement from Morelli Heating and Air Conditioning and put your heating and cooling system in the hands of the professionals.


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