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3 Mistakes Homeowners Make When Trying to Save On Their Energy Bills

Energy savings is something most homeowners in Charleston, SC appreciate. Many people are looking for ways to reduce what they spend on electricity costs, often making drastic lifestyle changes. However, if you are making these changes, you're hurting yourself in the long term.

1. You turn your air or heat on and off often

A more efficient step to take is to choose a specific temperature you prefer in your home and keep it at that temperature throughout the season. Turning your furnace or air conditioner on and off requires a lot of energy, creating an overall loss.

2. You're not using your thermostat wisely

If you've invested in a programmable thermostat, use it routinely. A key way to save money using these devices is to avoid heating or cooling an empty home. You may wish to upgrade to a smart home device that can better regulate temperatures based on your use of the spaces.

3. You're not including the pros

When it comes to HVAC systems, there's no doubt you can save money by making repairs and even upgrades to your system. However, you don't want to just buy what's out there. Let the pros conduct an energy analysis to find out where you are able to best save money.

With these tips, you’ll find your energy bills will go down and you’ll be much happier with the performance of your HVAC system. Contact the experts at Morelli Heating and Air Conditioning today for more information on saving energy.



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