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3 Common Misconceptions about Forced Air Systems

Are you confused about forced air systems?

Forced Air Systems

Forced air systems blow warm air in the cold months and cool air in the warm months by using a series of ducts to expel the air throughout your home. It's common for homeowners to be confused about the details for the care and maintenance of forced air systems.

Understanding your HVAC system and how maximize its use will help you to ensure your home has a comfortable indoor environment and your HVAC system has a long life.

Let's clear up any confusion about forced air system with these 3 common misconceptions:

1. No Need for Preventative Maintenance.

Many homeowners believe that preventative maintenance isn't really necessary. This is possibly the biggest misconception in the HVAC industry. You should have your forced air systems checked twice a year: one time during the spring, and again during the fall. Preventative maintenance is a solid investment that will save you from higher utility expenses and unnecessary repair costs.

2. Not Checking Your Ductwork Saves Money.

Ductwork plays an important role in heating and cooling your home. Forced air systems rely on ductwork and vents to distribute the air throughout your home. If there are leaks in your ductwork, the system will not cool or heat your home effectively. In addition, dirty ductwork can lead to health issues for your family.

3. Closing Air Vents Save Money.

Many homeowners believe closing off the vents in rooms that aren't used will save money. With a forced air system, the pressure needs to be distributed throughout the home so the unit remains balanced. If the system becomes unbalanced, it will have to run harder, costing you more in utility bills and potentially leading to repairs.

Don't let misconceptions about forced air systems lead to problems with your HVAC. And if you have more questions about how to maximize your system, the team at Morelli is here for you. Contact the experts at Morelli Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc. for more information about forced air systems by calling 843.554.8600.


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