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3 Changes to Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

geothermal-system How much energy and money could you save with these simple adjustments? It’s time to increase your home’s energy efficiency.

Energy efficiency is a top concern for many American families. After all, everybody wants to find ways to save a few bucks. With utility rates increasing all the time, it’s no wonder the electric bill falls under the scrutiny of many families. So, after you get the family into the habit of turning off lights and leaving the thermostat alone, little seems to change. Lowering your energy bills can be frustrating!

No need to worry - Morelli HVAC is here to help. We took a look at the two biggest energy suckers in most American homes: the air conditioner and the refrigerator. Here are three more easy changes that will help make your home more energy efficient:

  1. Replace old appliances with Energy Star-certified appliances. For example, if your refrigerator is from 2001 or before, it has to go. A new fridge will use half the energy and save you a bundle on your utility bills.
  2. Get your heating and cooling equipment under control with a programmable thermostat. You can adjust it so the system runs less when everyone is out during the day. Program the thermostat to bring the house to a more comfortable setting just before everyone returns home. It’s as simple as that!
  3. Get your home’s HVAC system inspected by a professional. The average family’s single biggest electricity draw is the air conditioner. As your AC unit ages, it has to work harder to keep your home cool. There are things a good HVAC technician can do to improve the unit’s performance and efficiency.

Improve Energy Efficiency with Morelli’s HVAC Inspection

Our expert team at Morelli would love to perform a complete HVAC inspection for your home. We will identify all necessary repairs and adjustments to make your system more efficient and effective. Check out our HVAC inspection page to learn more about how Morelli can help you increase your home’s energy efficiency; then connect with us online to schedule an inspection for your system.


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