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3 Benefits of Solar Powered Heating and Air Conditioning


Why are heating and cooling especially suited to energy efficiency?

Improving energy efficiency packs a one-two punch when it comes to heating and cooling. Why? Because of the massive amount of energy used for HVAC services every year. Taking advantage of eco-friendly options, like solar-powered or geothermal equipment, offers astounding benefits.

Here are three major advantages to a solar-powered HVAC system:

1. Big Energy Savings

Heating and cooling equipment are responsible for up to 60 percent of your electric bill. You can direct energy-efficient upgrades at those services to get the most significant energy savings overall.

2. Lowered Bills

Along with using less energy, homeowners will pay less for heating and cooling services throughout the life of their solar system. In addition, there are a variety of programs property owners can use to help fund the installation and upkeep of solar systems. The investment tax credit (ITC) on the federal level allows for up to 30 percent of purchase and installation costs. This credit is not available for systems you lease.

3. Heating and Cooling During Blackouts

Electricity goes down when temperatures are their highest and everyone has their air conditioners on. With the sweltering heat at its highest, this could create a life or death situation. Basic solar power systems will not provide your home with power during a blackout. However, similar to having a generator, if you opt for a solar system with a battery backup, your HVAC unit will continue to function off of solar power when the electricity goes down.

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