An All-In-One Package for Your Home

Packaged systems provide you with the comfort you need for your home in an all-in-one package. Whether you're trying to heat just one room or the whole house, packaged systems are the right fit for you!

Count on a Morelli Heating and Air Conditioning professional to help you choose the perfect packaged system for your home and install it right the first time.

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    Comfort™ 13 Packaged Gas Furnace/Air Conditioner System

    This is a space saving product that gives you both an air conditioner and gas furnace all in one package.

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    Comfort™ 13 Packaged Heat Pump System

    This system is designed to be reliable, quiet, and cost efficient.

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    Performance™ 15 Packaged Air Conditioner System

    With a two-stage compressor and multi-speed blower lets your Performance Air Conditioner work to get you a comfortable, quiet, cool home.

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    Performance™ 15 Packaged Hybrid Heat® System

    During the winter months, this is the system you want on your side. By selecting the best heating source (either a gas furnace or heat pump) this system, will heat up your home quickly.

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