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3 Key Reasons to Get a Maintenance Check Before Your Summer Vacation


What would we do without maintenance agreements to keep cooling costs low?

Maintenance agreements offer cost savings and convenience for homeowners who want to keep their HVAC systems as efficient as possible. During a maintenance check, a technician cleans your system and assesses it for potential problems. Do this before you leave on summer vacation to ensure you return to a comfortable home.

Here are three reasons to enroll in a maintenance plan before you leave for your big summer trip:

1. Prevent breakdowns.

During a maintenance check, a technician looks for potential problems capable of interrupting your service during the worst summer heat. Fix them ahead of time to keep your home cool all season. Let's be honest: few things are as tough as coming home from vacation. Don't make it worse by taking the risk of returning to an AC that won't work.

2. Avoid more expensive repairs.

HVAC equipment has many components. Mechanical. Electrical. There are even drains to worry about! When one element breaks, it can cause a domino effect, damaging several parts. Worse? The wrong kind of wear and tear can damage the motor or blower, leading to a need for major repairs. Taking advantage of preventive fixes will avoid expensive breakdowns later on.

3. Schedule work at your convenience.

Most homeowners only call an HVAC service when there's a problem. During heatwaves and other times of intense stress, multiple ACs in an area will fail. One significant advantage of enrolling in a maintenance plan is having access to prioritized service. At Morelli Heating & Air Conditioning, members of the Peak Performance Maintenance Program will have their service calls moved to the top of the list. In addition, when a maintenance check uncovers problems, you have the opportunity to schedule work to fit your schedule instead of scrambling to fix something once it's broken.

Safeguard your summer comfort before you go away. Contact our friendly technicians at Morelli Heating & Air Conditioning to learn more about our maintenance agreements.


3 Best Ways to Keep Your AC from Freezing This Summer


How can you keep your heating and air conditioning running strong?

A frozen AC unit won’t deliver heating and air conditioning services on demand. You have to shut the system down and let it thaw before using it again. In some instances, a technician has to make repairs before the AC is back up and running. During a hot, humid summer, the wait can be torture. Avoid freezing your unit up by following these three tips:

1. Change your filter.

Air conditioners freeze up for one of two basic reasons: lack of airflow and lack of refrigerant. A dirty air filter is the most common reason for lack of airflow. A new filter costs only a few dollars. Once you know how you can change one in a few minutes. It's as simple as removing one filter and sliding a new one into place.

2. Improve in-home circulation.

Sometimes, a lack of airflow is the result of closing off vents or closing doors to seldom-used rooms. Homeowners do this thinking they'll make their systems more efficient or save money by selectively cooling their homes. Unfortunately, this robs your AC of the pressure needed to function properly. Instead of cold air blowing into the home, your unit retains slowly moving cold air and freezes over.

3. Give your AC the once-over.

Schedule a maintenance visit before the start of the cooling season to ensure your system is ready for the job. A technician will provide your unit with a thorough cleaning, lube up essential parts and take note of potential issues. For instance, during a maintenance check, a tech might uncover a refrigerant leak. These kinds of leaks can be dangerous, but mostly they aggravate homeowners by robbing them of cool air. If your system and unit have inappropriate airflow, checking the refrigerant levels should be at the top of your list.

Contact our expert team at Morelli Heating & Air Conditioning to unfreeze your AC and keep your HVAC system running strong all year long.


3 Reasons Your Commercial AC Is Blowing Hot Air


How do commercial services differ from residential when the AC is on the blitz?

Business owners need specialized HVAC commercial services to keep their buildings comfortable. Cool, pleasant environments have a positive impact on staff and clientele. Commercial maintenance plans help prevent problems before a breakdown, but no system is infallible. Dealing with a service interruption takes planning, preparation and a wealth of resources.

It's fairly common for the AC in a business or a home to stop blowing cold air. Be ready to react to the problem by educating yourself on the causes. Here are three reasons your commercial AC is blowing hot air:

1. The System Needs a Reset

It happens to the best of us. We have a bad day. Things don't go as planned. Thankfully, we're not all rooftop AC units. Once their triggers get tripped, they tend to stay that way until the whole system gets a reset. Check your owner's manual for instructions.

2. Failing Components

AC units for businesses are usually on the roof of the building or an adjacent slab. They're tough machines that work hard to regulate the temperature in structures of all sizes. During normal operation, parts go bad. They fail. They require replacement. When it comes to an AC blowing hot air, a sensor is likely the problem.

3. A Lack of Power

Power issues are to blame for the majority of residential HVAC interruptions, so it's no surprise they'd come into play when dealing with commercial units. Have your technician check the power source of your AC unit and the temperature control device. If working properly, it might be time to check the wiring inside the air conditioner to make sure current is flowing as it should.

Contact our team at Morelli Heating & Air Conditioning whenever you need help with commercial services. We have the supplies and the skills needed to solve your problems. Get in touch whenever your AC is struggling to perform.


3 Effects of Your HVAC Short Cycling


How does short cycling impact your AC unit’s energy efficiency?

Energy efficency becomes more important to the HVAC industry with each year. There's increasing pressure to lower the amount of fuel or electricity needed to adequately heat and cool a home.

Short cycling occurs when your AC unit operates for just a short time before it shuts down. It does this repeatedly, never quite cooling your home. There are several reasons an air conditioner short cycles, including:

  • Electrical malfunctions
  • Clogged Filters,or
  • A unit that is the wrong size for the home

Given all the potential causes, it's a fairly common problem.

Here are three ways short cycling impacts your home:

1. Excessive Wear and Tear on HVAC Equipment

A modern air conditioner should last ten years or more, but short cycling's frequent starts and stops put stress on a system. Pieces come loose or start grinding against one another. Components wear out early and need replacing. Unless the cause gets corrected, you should plan to replace the AC sooner than later.

2. Uncomfortable Conditions

Homeowners notice short cycling first because the house doesn’t get cool. The unit runs for a short while and then shuts down early. The home will remain too warm for comfort’s sake until your technician finds a solution or replaces your faulty air conditioner.

3. Bloated Energy Bills

Repeatedly using short bursts of energy throughout the day drives your energy bills sky high. It’s best to keep your unit turned off or set to fan-only mode until a technician can get to the bottom of your air conditioning woes.

Improve energy efficiency and comfortably cool your home for less! Contact our team at Morelli Heating & Air Conditioning today.


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