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3 Spring Cleaning Tips. Hint: Don’t Forget the Fans


Dirty equipment has a big impact on energy efficiency, and it can be much dirtier than you think. The blower motor of your HVAC system quietly hoards dirt where no one is looking. If you're not getting a seasonal inspection with a service that cleans your unit, you might be adding a significant cost to your monthly bill. And don't even think about what you're breathing. From pet dander to candle soot, that dirt is circulating through your home -- and through your body!

Follow these tips to keep your fans clean and energy efficient:

1. Take advantage of a maintenance plan.

Your HVAC service provider comes to your home to do seasonal checks. You can save money on these visits by buying them as a bundle, often called a maintenance plan or membership agreement. In addition, joining a plan has extra perks, like a percentage off repairs and replacements or priority service during busy seasons. The biggest benefit, of course, is having someone to do the dirty work you never quite get around to doing.

2. Schedule a blower motor cleaning.

Don’t belong to a maintenance plan? You still need to make sure your blower is safe. You could take your own unit apart, use special chemicals to clean it off, and reinstall it without much risk. But what if things go wrong? You could do more damage than it’s worth.

If you’re comfortable with DIY home repairs, there are plenty of tutorials available online. Those who are unsure about this job should have it done by a pro.

3. Monitor fan use throughout the year.

Some homeowners run their fans all summer instead of using the AC. Too many of them freak out when they get their electric bills. Where are the savings they should be getting from all that time spent suffering in the heat?

While the fan uses less electricity than your AC, it still uses about as much as a refrigerator. It makes sense to run it at certain times of the day. It does not help to run it all day. It also doesn't help to run the fan while the air in your home is heating up. At that point, all you're doing is redistributing heat, and by bedtime, you'll need to crank the AC.

Instead, use an updated thermostat to monitor and control the fan and AC usage from anywhere in the world. New Wi-Fi units allow you to preset - and even predict - usage, resulting in ultimate comfort and savings.

Improve your home’s energy efficiency. Contact our team at Morelli HVAC to schedule a full-system assessment today.


3 Ways to Relieve Allergies with HVAC Maintenance


Maintenance agreements keep your home comfortable and your bills low, but they can also have a marked impact on your health. How? Heating and cooling equipment circulates air throughout your home; if that air isn’t clean, it can mean health problems down the road. Take the following three steps to ensure that it’s clean:

1. Upgrade Your Air Filter

The majority of homeowners buy the cheapest filters available in hardware stores. The problem is that these filters don't do much good. They only filter out the largest particles from the air, and sometimes, they struggle to do that decently.

Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value (MERV) ratings help you determine how effective a filter is for cleaning the air. Your filter should be a MERV 8 or higher to filter pollen, pet dander and other common allergens from the air. A MERV 11 filter will also remove mold spores and traffic pollution from the indoor air.

In certain environments, like hospitals, techs use heavy-duty filters rated MERV 13 and above. While these are overkill in most residential environments, they can take care of many types of bacteria and viruses. Obviously, a better air filter can keep you healthy and keep allergens at bay.

2. Change Your Filter Regularly

Homeowners can avoid many common HVAC problems by changing air filters on schedule. How often you should change a filter depends on the brand, the MERV rating and the environment in your home. For many residences, it's sufficient to replace your filter every three months.

3. Take Advantage of Seasonal Cleanings

Maintenance plan inspections include a moderate amount of cleaning the typical homeowner doesn't normally do on their own. Cleaning out your drain pan and drain line prevents building up of mildew and mold. Clearing out excess dust and debris prevents it from moving from room to room.

Keep hay fever at bay by enrolling in one of Morelli HVAC’s convenient maintenance agreements. Call us at 843.554.8600 and secure your benefits today.


Is Your HVAC Unit An Open Door for Pests?


Poor-functioning heating and air conditioning equipment can do more than blow your budget. Shifted or damaged equipment leaves gaps in your home's protection. Electric pulses from damaged wires and built-up condensation both act as a beacon to ants and other pests. Once in your home, they can clog your units, causing service disruption - and a nasty mess!

Ants in the AC Contactor

Over time, heavy winds and rains can move components of your outdoor AC equipment out of place. When this happens, the electronic components of your system can attract pests. For instance, ants, earwigs and cockroaches are commonly attracted to the contactor switch on your exterior AC unit.

While this sounds more disgusting than dangerous, they come in high enough numbers to disrupt your service. Worse, the solution usually calls for contactor replacement. In these situations, having your technician install a closed-style contactor and using adequate caulking to fill the gaps can be all you need. But you need it quickly: serious and expensive problems can result from even the smallest ants.

Lace Bugs in the Drain Line

Moisture is infamous for drawing pests indoors. If you have a clogged drain line or drain pan, or a problem with condensation, you'll naturally attract pests. This is a compounding problem; as your home attracts more water-seeking bugs, those pests attract predators, which are pests too.

A technician can help diagnose the reason behind your moisture problems. Seasonal maintenance and related services can also help keep HVAC-hungry bugs at bay.

Make sure your heating and air conditioning isn’t an invitation to an infestation. Contact our team at Morelli HVAC for an inspection today.


3 Rookie Mistakes Business Owners Make with Their Heating


Are you in need of professional commercial services for your HVAC? The truth is business owners face numerous tough decisions every day. One important responsibility of a property or business owner is learning how to maintain your commercial HVAC system. But getting a handle on your new business property's important systems can be overwhelming. Here are three rookie mistakes you should avoid making with your heating and cooling system:

1.Resist the temptation to cut corners with your new commercial HVAC system. Don't assign HVAC maintenance to yourself, the janitor, or your handyman. There are just too many ways to mess up your heating and cooling equipment. You could end up paying a professional a fortune to fix your rookie mistakes.

2.The easiest path is to do nothing with your HVAC system until something goes wrong. A smarter choice is to get a handle on your system's condition right away. Find a reputable heating and cooling company and schedule an inspection with them as soon as you can. Have a professional go over your system to identify areas for improvement.

3.Don't hire the first HVAC company you pick out of the yellow pages. Never hire the one that gives you the lowest quote. Ask your colleagues and friends for referrals. Check online review sites like Yelp or Angie's List for additional guidance in this important decision.

Charleston Entrepreneurs Trust Morelli for their HVAC Needs

If your Charleston commercial property needs professional attention, consider Morelli Heating & Air Conditioning. With over 30 years of experience, our team knows the best methods to maintain your HVAC system. Call Morelli today at 843-554-8600 to schedule your commercial heating service.


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